Quiz: Can You Tell Apart 'Infinite Warfare,' 'Black Ops 3' And 'Advanced Warfare'?

Ive been playing the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare beta on PS4 over the past day (when the servers have been working), and while I still want to take some more time to form impressions, theres one thing thats pretty clear to me. These Call

I’ve been playing the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare beta on PS4 over the past day (when the servers have been working), and while I still want to take some more time to form impressions, there’s one thing that’s pretty clear to me.

These Call of Duty installments are really starting to blur together.

When Infinite Warfare was revealed up against Battlefield 1’s WWI setting, many fans were disappointed it was sticking with “future combat” which we’d seen in a number of past Call of Duty games, most recently Advanced Warfare (from Sledgehammer) and Black Ops 3 (from Treyarch).

While the game is certainly still fun to a certain extent, these releases really do feel the same in many ways, particularly in their aesthetic which relies on powersuits, jetpacks, robots, drones and all other sorts of future tech.


While I continue to collect my thoughts about gameplay, I wanted to try something. I went through and found screenshots of all three games,Advanced Wafare, Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare, and I want to see if you can tell them apart in a little quiz below. I chose shots without HUDs, as I think those alone might give them away for some, and hopefully you can see what I mean about the overlapping aesthetic.

My prediction is that COD die-hards will be able to get these, but if you’re a more casual fan or outside observer, this may actually be pretty tough. I will start somewhat easy and get harder over time. There are ten in total, and there’s an answer key at the bottom. The picture corresponds with the answers below it.

A) Advanced Warfare

B) Black Ops 3

C) Infinite Warfare

Alright, ready? Here’s the answer key:

A, C, A, B, B, A, B, C, A, C

How did you do?

Here’s your ranking:

10 – Nadeshot

7-9 – Match MVP

4-6 – Noob Tuber

0-3 – “Which button shoots?”

But really, the point is that something feels like it has to change. If we head into a fourth straight year with another futuristic game like Advanced Warfare 2, this will only amplify the problem. Maybe COD just wants to refine itself year after year with minor tweaks until it’s the ultimate near-future FPS, but it’s becoming an increasingly strange experience to buy such similar titles year after year.

Alright, back to the battlefield.