• [Travel] When travel goes wrong: I was rescued by the Bolivian Air Force

    The moment the helicopter arrived near the stranded jeep Jennie Wagstaff When travel goes wrong: the incredible story of Jennie Wagstaff, whose jeep got stuck in the middle of Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. I arrived in Tupiza, Bolivia during the

  • [Travel] 7 travel stories you shouldn't miss this week

    The Intoxication Season at Kew Gardens has kicked off Creative Commons / Ari Helminen From giants in Patagonia to Japans condom cookbook, we round up this weeks 7 best travel stories from around the world. FOOD PORN Condom cookbook publishe

  • [Travel] Eating with the Egg People, China

    A plate of flower crabs ready for dismantlement Dora Whitaker / Lonely Planet Daniel Fahey makes a reservation at one of the most unique restaurants in the world: aboard a buoyant bistro run by the Egg People of Hainan Island, China. Tony s

  • [Travel] 7 travel stories you should read this week

    Feeling intrepid? Chinas new glass bridge sways with the wind From a dog surfing contest in France to a swaying glass bridge in China, we round up the weeks quirkiest travel stories. South Africa: Nudists left hanging over beach dec

  • [Travel] Trekking Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains

    Spectacular scenery awaits just 90 minutes from Marrakech iStock / Thinkstock Moroccos spectacularly diverse High Atlas Mountains are not just a favourite with seasoned trekkers. City gal Coralie Modschiedler explores the well-trodden Berbe

  • [Travel] Editor’s pick: Travel deals of the month

    Our deals of the month include trips to LA, Malta and Andorra Mervas / Thinkstock From European ski breaks to Indian Ocean beach holidays, we round up this months top travel deals. Winter sun in the Maldives While temperatures plummet back

  • [Travel] 7 travel stories you should read this week

    A prankster penned a penis on a Google camera Google From cock-ups at Google to a crabby flight across the US, we round up this weeks quirkiest travel stories. Australia: A cock-up for Google Google bosses were left red faced this week afte

  • [Travel] Drink like a local in Prague

    Brewmaster, Robert Maňk, pours another round at U Tri Ruzi U Tri Ruzi From neighbourhood boozers to backstreet breweries, Gavin Haines sidesteps the stag-dos to unearth the best bars in Prague. The man in front of me is called Derek and th

  • [Travel] Where to go on holiday in October

    Lederhosen and lager are order of the day at Oktoberfest kzenon / Thinkstock Whether youre looking to eke out the summer on a sizzling beach or drink your own body weight in German beer, weve got your October getaway covered. For beach bums

  • [Travel] Finding hidden treasures in Palau

    The limestone peaks and limpid waters of Palau Dothhow / Thinkstock Samantha Wilson dons her snorkel gear and slips beneath the waves in Palau, where UNESCO listed reefs, WWII wrecks and friendly jellyfish await. Id like to say I went to Pa

  • [Travel] Smooth sailing in new look Panama City

    The Panama Canal celebrates its 100th birthday today Charles Lytton / Thinkstock Sarah Gilbert takes a trip down the Panama Canal on its 100th birthday but its a rejuvenated Panama City that really floats her boat. As the heat of the day in

  • [Travel] Searching for whale sharks in Utila, Honduras

    Fish hitch a ride in a whale sharks wake Zeamonkey / Thinkstock Samantha Wilson heads to tila in Honduras in search of Old Tom, the legendary barnacle-encrusted whale shark who has plied the waters for decades. Put your faces in the water,

  • [Travel] Learning to surf at the Gate of Hell

    Riyue Bay remains largely undiscovered by the surf fraternity Dora Whitaker / Lonely Planet We sent Daniel Fahey to the very cusp of the known world to catch some Chinese monsters. Heres how he got on. So this is it: the long-thought Gate o

  • [Travel] Unlocking the secrets of St James's Way

    A scallop shell guides pilgrims along the Way of St James artJazz / Thinkstock From headless saints to homicidal poets, David Middleton unlocks the secrets of St Jamess Way, Europes most famous pilgrimage route. Man-eating beasts. Plague. M

  • [Travel] I visited Buzludzha, an abandoned Communist Party HQ

    The main room in Buzludzha reeks of opulence left to rot Monodon / Thinkstock David Hillier unwittingly stumbles upon Bulgarias Buzludzha, the ex-Communist Party headquarters in the clouds. Wanna see a spaceship? Thats what Tosha asked me 4

  • [Travel] 15 microadventures to try this weekend

    Reawaken your adventurer this weekend Alastair Humphreys Bored? Skint? Get out there and try one of our top 15 microadventures this weekend. Where did our sense of adventure go? We once hitched across the great continents, ate unidentifiabl

  • [Travel] Exploring the Land of the Living Skies: Saskatchewan

    City slicker Jack Palfrey sets out to conquer the Canadian wilds Creative Commons / Jack Palfrey The longhorn reared its enormous head and eyed me knowingly. Please dont charge, I uttered politely. All the reassurance that had come with my

  • [Travel] Where to go on holiday in November 2014

    Go polar bear watching in Canada this November iStock / Thinkstock Fancy something a bit different this November? How about going on a king crab safari in Norway or hitting the beach in Albania? Weve picked out six incredible experiences to

  • [Travel] Ten things to see and do in Sarajevo

    Sunset over Sarajevo Creative Commons / Michal Huniewicz From epoch-defining historical attractions to fine restaurants, Sarajevo has much to offer the discerning traveller. Its 100 years ago this week since Franz Ferdinand was assassinated

  • [Travel] Machu Picchu: the alternative route

    Part of the Salkantay trek crosses an old British railway line Andrea Alemany He may still be up there. Darren Loucaides slogs his way to the Lost City of the Incas via the Salkantay trek. Im not sure if its the rain, altitude or lack of sl

  • [Travel] How Bermuda is reinventing itself

    Just hanging out: Theres more to Bermuda than boardshorts Creative Commons / Josie As an island thats become synonymous with honeymooners and pensioners, Estella Shardlow investigates whether Bermuda has anything new to offer the modern tra

  • [Travel] 20 islands you never knew existed

    Guess where Pig Island gets its name from? Shalamov / Thinkstock From an islet inhabited exclusively by pigs to an atoll made of seashells, we round up 20 of the quirkiest islands you never knew existed. 1) Island of the Dolls, Mexico City

  • [Travel] Falling hook, line and sinker for Lofoten, Norway

    Epic visas abound on the Lofoten Islands in Norway Savolainenk / Thinkstock The Lofoten Islands in Norway offer epic vistas, remote art installations and the best fish burgers Rudolf Abraham has tasted. But the archipelago faces an uncertai

  • [Travel] Where to go on holiday in September 2014

    A spectacular sunrise at Palermo Harbour, Sicily BargotiPhotography / Thinkstock From beach breaks in Sicily to hiking holidays in the Rocky Mountains, we round up the best trips to take this September. For beach bums Short haul: Sicily, It

  • [Travel] Bozcaada: the Turkish island where time gave up

    A cat yawning on a Bozcaada doorstep Creative Commons / canonim I stopped writing love letters a long time ago. Perhaps I stopped falling in love. Yet here I sit, foolish with infatuation, attempting this torturous art form again. The probl

  • [Travel] Top 20 wonders of the underwater world

    The Great Blue Hole in Belize is a Mecca for divers Creative Commons / Eric Pheterson From barrier reefs and blue holes to seabed sculpture parks, we don our wet suits and explore 20 of the best underwater attractions. 1) Great Barrier Reef

  • [Travel] Okinawa: Japan’s forgotten paradise

    A limpid lagoon in Okinawa, Japans forgotten paradise SeanPavonePhoto / Thinkstock From whale sharks to coral reefs, Japans Okinawa prefecture is full of surprises. Joe Minihane discovers a new side to the country. It appears out of the blu

  • [Travel] Island hopping in the Sporades, Greece

    The Sporades has a lot more to offer than one famous church Jack Palfrey Self-professed musical enthusiast Jack Palfrey visits the Greek Sporades, setting of 2008 hit film Mamma Mia! , only to leave with more than he bargained for, includin

  • [Travel] Hunting with Bushmen in Namibia

    The Ju/hoansi San Bushmen are indigenous to northern Namibia Dan Kitwood / Getty Images News / Thinkstock As Ruth Styles discovers, a trip into the wild with Namibias San people means swapping air-conditioned safari vehicles for survival sk

  • [Travel] Can a festival cure life's common complaints?

    A sādhu offers a blessing at Maha Shivaratri, Nepal global_explorer / Thinkstock Whether youre wracked with remorse or wrecked by workplace worry, our resident Festival Doctor can offer a cure through festival form. Hello, come in and lie

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