• [Travel] Top 10 holiday reads: September 2015

    What will you be reading this September? Creative Commons / VimVertigo From drink driving in Chechnya to travelling around Britain by bus, our favourite books this month serve up an eclectic mix of travel writing. 1) Deep South: Four Season

  • [Travel] Should we visit indigenous communities?

    Mursi people: has tourism prolonged lip mutilation or preserved it? miroslav 1 / Thinkstock Visiting an indigenous community can offer an insight into local customs and cultures, but who is benefiting from ethno-tourism? And is it ethical?

  • [Travel] Top 5 ethical trips to indigenous communities

    There are ethical ways to visit the Maasai people in Kenya master2 / Thinkstock From canoeing through remote Ecuadorian rainforest with the Huaorani to exploring Swedish Lapland with the Smi, we round up the most ethical ways to visit an in

  • [Travel] Top 10 holiday reads: August 2015

    What will you be reading this August? Igor_Mojzes / Thinkstock From classic travel literature to long-awaited new releases, Dan Lewis of Stanfords reveals the books you should be reading this August. 1) Naked at Lunch, by Mark Haskell Smith

  • [Travel] Absinthe: Collected notes on a mind-altering drink

    Absinthe, and glasses, are hidden along the so-called Absinthe Trail Route de lAbsinthe 100 years ago, absinthe was banned across much of Europe. Daniel Fahey heads to its birthplace, Val-de-Travers in Switzerland, for a taste of its underg

  • [Travel] Paws for thought in St Petersburg

    Cats. The unsung heroes of the Hermitage Museum Alamy / Andrey Kobylko The labyrinthine catacombs of the Hermitage Museum are home to an army of felines, whose story is as colourful as the exhibits they guard. Gavin Haines reports. A bit of

  • [Travel] Where to go on holiday in October 2015

    Visit Draculas daunting abode this Halloween warmcolors / Thinkstock From freak festivals in Florida to closing parties in Ibiza, we round up the best destinations for an October getaway. For beach bums Short haul: Ibiza, Spain As summer ab

  • [Travel] The remaking of Rwanda

    The past will never be forgotten, but Rwanda looks forward Creative Commons / TKnoxB It was once a synonym for strife, but Rwanda has become one of Africas most exciting destinations. Gavin Haines reports from its colourful capital, Kigali.

  • [Travel] A dispatch from the Bog Snorkelling Championships

    Bog snorkelling is a big deal in mid-Wales Wikimedia Commons / Rud-gr As part of a tradition dating back 30 years, Jack Palfrey goes snorkelling in a bog. Hi. Im Sue, two-minutes-twenty-seven. This is my husband Paul. Three-o-five, says Pau

  • [Travel] UNESCO 2015: The good, the bad and the bubbly

    The Old City of Sanaa, Yemen has joined UNESCOs Danger List Brent Stirton / Thinkstock As UNESCO concludes its annual meeting in Bonn, Germany, we highlight the best new sites and shame some of the worst. Champagne, France Grab a flute and

  • [Travel] Where to go on holiday in September 2015

    Barcelona is in full flair during Festes de la Merc Creative Commons / Stasiu Tomczak From human towers in Barcelona to zip-lining across a UNESCO World Heritage Site in South Africa, we pick the best places to visit this September. For cit

  • [Travel] Reef encounter: Can citizen science help save our oceans?

    The worlds coral reefs are in a perilous state Jeff Dotson / Thinkstock Gavin Haines explores the protected coral reefs of Tioman Island in Malaysia all in the name of science. Theres been a murder. A lobster the size of a small child has b

  • [Travel] Sangram’s story: Surviving Nepal's earthquake

    The Nepal earthquakes claimed over 9,000 lives Simon_Watkinson / Thinkstock A Nepalese tour guide recounts his experience of the April earthquakes and tells James Hendicott how residents are coping in the aftermath. I first met Sangram Lama

  • [Travel] Navigating Nepal, now the dust has settled

    Chitwan National Park was unaffected by the earthquakes oguzdkn / Thinkstock Two months after catastrophic earthquakes devastated communities and brought sacred landmarks to the ground, Ruth-Ellen Davis looks at whether its time to go back

  • [Travel] 10 of the best conservation holidays

    Forget boring beach holidays and do something useful Gerdzhikov / Thinkstock From monitoring wolves in the Carpathian Mountains to rehabilitating big cats in the Amazon, options abound for benevolent travellers. 1) Monitoring wolves, Slovak

  • [Travel] Mallorca: A poet’s pilgrimage

    The writing desk of Robert Graves in Mallorca La Casa de Robert Graves Gavin Haines heads to the Mallorcan mountains, which inspired prodigious prose from one of Britains seminal writers. My taxi wheezes up winding mountain roads and into t

  • [Travel] Top 10 poetry pilgrimages

    Many poets left imprints on the cities they inhabited claudiodivizia / Thinkstock From Shakespeares Stratford to Borges Buenos Aires, we explore the destinations that inspired our greatest poets and examine the marks they left behind. 1) Sh

  • [Travel] Azerbaijan: Beyond the Games

    Few tourists stray from Baku into Azerbaijans interior Creative Commons / Adam Jones As tourists flock to Baku for the inaugural European Games, Jack Palfrey goes in search of the Azerbaijan you wont see on TV. People think its all about th

  • [Travel] The other Congo: Brazzaville rising

    Step into the light Christopher Clark The little-explored Republic of Congo is striving to move away from the shadow cast by its difficult history and notorious neighbour, the DRC. Christopher Clark heads to Congos fast-growing capital, Bra

  • [Travel] Medellín: A cocaine capital in rehab

    Medellns recovery has been a slow process Creative Commons / Colores Mari Decades of violence saw Medelln ranked as the worlds most dangerous place, but now Colombias second city has staged a remarkable comeback. How did it do it, asks Darr

  • [Travel] In pictures: A seaside town reborn

    After years of neglect Britains seaside towns are enjoying a renaissance and Margate is blazing the trail. Gavin Haines finds out more from the bohemian coastal town. A quintessential Victorian resort Wikimedia Commons On Margate Sands, I c

  • [Travel] 12 of the best British seaside towns

    Sack the Med off and head to one of these British seaside towns SimonPRBenson / Thinkstock The Great British beach holiday is back in vogue. Ruth-Ellen Davis rounds up the best coastal resorts for a summer staycation. 1) Margate, Kent Eatin

  • [Travel] Top 10 holiday reads: July 2015

    Our resident bookworm reveals the top titles for July Haveseen / Thinkstock Looking for a riveting read this summer? Then look no further as Dan Lewis of Stanfords reveals the top tomes for a July getaway. 1) Prisoners of Geography: Ten Map

  • [Travel] Is the party over for France’s oldest street festival?

    The much-loved event appears to be turning a corner Chris Allsop Facing budget cuts and a shift in cultural identity, is it curtains for Le Paniers raucous street party? Chris Allsop, mojito in hand, investigates. The three twenty-something

  • [Travel] 10 totally madcap micronations

    HM King Nicholas I and his realm: a caravan in Norfolk Copeman Empire With Liberland declaring itself the worlds newest country, we round up some of the more madcap micronations to have ever existed. There is a slither of disputed land betw

  • [Travel] Where to go on holiday in July 2015

    Will your old banger make it all the way to Ulan-Ude? The Adventurists From a madcap rally through the Mongolian desert to sweet disco music on the shores of a Croatian paradise, we pick the best places to holiday this July. For city slicke

  • [Travel] The secret world of cheese rolling

    The cheese roll has been held unofficially since 2010 David Silverman / Thinkstock With competitors set to chase a cheese down one of the steepest hills in Gloucestershire again, we send Daniel Fahey to Coopers Hill to find out more. This i

  • [Travel] Going underground: The world's best subterranean sites

    We round up the worlds best underground attractions Creative Commons / Nikos Koutoulas As the worlds largest underground zip line opens in Wales, we round up the worlds best subterranean attractions - from crystal caves in Mexico to buried

  • [Travel] Which Singapore are you?

    Can Singapore do pleasure as well as it does business? MasterLu / Thinkstock Singapore is a boring business city with less culture than a low fat yogurt. Or is it? Gavin Haines finds out. What a difference a year makes, aye. Its barely 12 m

  • [Travel] Top 10 holiday reads: June 2015

    We round up 10 of the best travel reads this month Balazs Kovacs / Thinkstock From tales of truth and lies in Tehran to a journey around every county in England, David Mantero of Stanfords reveals his best books for a June getaway. 1) The S

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