• [Travel] The end of Tel Aviv’s renegade drummers?

    The festival takes place outside the Dolphinarium building Dede (Facebook) A bombsite in Tel Aviv has become an unlikely stage for a free-spirited weekly soire. But with developers at the door has the makeshift drumming ceremony reached its

  • [Travel] The best travel photos of March 2016

    From the waterfalls of Selfoss, Iceland, to the Kepler Track in New Zealand, we pick our favourite 10 photos submitted by our Instagram followers this month. 1)Mont Carmel Church, one of Prince Edward Island s oldest churches, by @verena_jo

  • [Travel] In pictures: The eerie world of dark tourism

    Dark tourism is visiting places associated with death and suffering Rebecca Bathory With a new book in the making, photographer Rebecca Bathory takes David Hillier through her favourite dark tourism spots. Fontanelle Cemetery, Naples, Italy

  • [Travel] Where to go on holiday in June 2016

    The sun sets over the beach at San Sebastin in Spain Imartol / Thinkstock From surfing Sri Lankas lost beaches to Shakespeare in San Sebastin, look no further for Junes best holiday ideas. For beach bums Short haul: San Sebastin, Spain As s

  • [Travel] Drink, drugs and debauchery: The definitive guide to Dublin

    Bunsens relish-drenched, chunky patties are unapologetically messy Bunsen Look, we couldnt knowingly send you to Temple Bar. Instead, local rapscallion James Hendicott drags us through the real Dublin - drink, drugs, debauchery and all. Boo

  • [Travel] The 9 quirkiest places to stay in Ireland

    Fancy staying in a gypsy wagon? Airbnb Looking for lodgings with a difference? From a self-catering pub to a coastal defence tower, we round up the most unusual places to spend the night in Ireland. 1) Conroys Old Bar, Aglish, County Tipper

  • [Travel] The best travel photos of February 2016

    From breathtaking landscapes to curious wildlife, we pick our favourite 10 photos submitted by our Instagram followers this month. 1) The open landscape of the Serengeti, by @soli_goes 2) A friendly camel in the Sahara Desert, by @intehelen

  • [Travel] Las Fallas: Burning Valencia to the ground

    Valencias Las Fallas, where everything must burn Karl Webster Ever seen a city burn to the ground? Karl Webster relives Valencia going up in flames around him as part of the fiery Las Fallas festival. On the night of her cremation, I lock e

  • [Travel] A marathon of resistance in the Sahara Desert

    The Sahara Marathon is more than a test of physical endurance mihtiander / Thinkstock Our correspondent, Beccy Allen, explains why she just ran through a refugee camp in the Saharan Desert. Not many holidays begin in a military airport, but

  • [Travel] Where to go on holiday in May 2016

    The sun setting over the Cape Hainsart lighthouse in Biarritz locknloadlabrador / Thinkstock From cheese rolling in the British countryside to unspoiled beaches in Costa Rica, weve got your May holiday ideas sorted. For city slickers Short

  • [Travel] Forging new narratives in Cape Town

    Kids playing in Cape Towns colourful Langa Quarter Christopher Clark It was once described as an apartheid dumping ground, but Cape Towns Langa Quarter has become one of the citys most exciting and optimistic districts. Chris Clark witnesse

  • [Travel] Last tango in Buenos Aires

    Are you scared by the thought of being marooned? jukurae / Thinkstock Though somewhat inconvenient, becoming a castaway neednt be a harrowing experience. Heed the lessons of Alexander Selkirk, a sailor who survived alone on an islet for ove

  • [Travel] Sacred sleep: Camping in England’s churches

    Would you fancy sleeping in an abandoned church? Joseph Casey Photography Some of Englands oldest churches are now offering overnight stays. Our scribe, Arielle Witter, gives us the lowdown on champing. Could camping in a church, affectiona

  • [Travel] Where to go on holiday in April 2016

    Miami: cooler than you in every way Meinzahn / Thinkstock From wonderfully chaotic clubbing in the heart of the Alps to a Japanese Penis Festival and a burning capital city. April neednt be boring at all. For beach bums Short haul: Sicily,

  • [Travel] Michelin scarred: Dining in San Sebastián’s worst-rated restaurant

    Is it really possible to dine poorly in San Sebastin? gregory_lee / Thinkstock In a city renowned for its culinary prestige, Jack Palfrey heads to San Sebastins worst-rated restaurant to test how deep the citys gastronomic vein really runs.

  • [Travel] How to: Hike solo across Africa like an absolute hero

    Emily had to overcome many perils during her journey lara zanarini / Thinkstock Yearning for adventure but hampered by the fear of flying solo? Take inspiration from the tale of Emily Hahn, a revolver-carrying, cross-dressing receptionist w

  • [Travel] Is London losing its soul?

    Is the worlds most visited city losing its edge? Songquan Deng / Thinkstock Londons feted pubs, live music venues and independent shops are being replaced with bland flats and boring chains, turning a once-vibrant city into a monotonous met

  • [Travel] An interview with Save Soho's Tim Arnold

    We catch up with the founder of Save Soho, Tim Arnold Save Soho Gavin Haines catches up with Tim Arnold, who speaks about the challenges facing Soho, the beating heart of London. What does Soho mean to you? Because of Sohos unique position

  • [Travel] Can pit parties save London’s music scene?

    The pit party making best friends with the band Best Friends Daniel Fahey Over 40% of Londons live music venues have closed in the last 10 years and gig prices have rocketed. Pit parties could offer an affordable alternative. Daniel Fahey s

  • [Travel] Strange skiing: Off-piste in… Pakistan

    Can commercial skiing return to the Hindu Kush? SAKhanPhotography / Thinkstock A decade after being destroyed by the Taliban, Pakistans only ski resort is attempting a miraculous recovery. Christoph Schrahe straps on a set of very old skis

  • [Travel] 18 of the best live music venues in London

    We round up the best places to see performing arts in London Creative Commons / James Petts From the subterranean theatres of Waterloo to the sticky dancefloors of Camden, we round up the best live music venues and performing arts spaces in

  • [Travel] War and pith: Surviving the Battle of the Oranges

    Beaten to a pulp: The Battle of the Oranges aftermath mikrus / Thinkstock In this pithy piece, Karl Webster squeezes the juicy gossip from Italys Battle of the Oranges, so citrus yourself down and take in a slice of the action. A roar went

  • [Travel] Chefchaouen, The Green City

    It may look blue, but our scribe finds green aplenty in Chefchaouen Zzvet / Thinkstock In an ancient town painted almost entirely blue, all the locals are smoking the green stuff. Donald Twain finds out where its grown and sees, up close, h

  • [Travel] Strange skiing: Off-piste in… Kyrgyzstan

    Karakol is a mountain sports mecca in this part of the world worklater1 / Thinkstock In the penultimate entry of our strange skiing series, Tristan Kennedy hits the slopes of Kyrgyzstan, sampling fermented horse milk and the bloody sport of

  • [Travel] The best travel photos of January 2016

    From starry night skies to sweeping landscapes, we pick our favourite 10 photos submitted by our Instagram followers this month. 1)Eerie Indonesian landscape, by @2monkeystravel 2) Golden hour at the Vatican City, by @jaypstagram  3) Sta

  • [Travel] Top 10 things to see and do in San Sebastián

    Its set to be a busy 2016 for San Sebastin kissenbo / Thinkstock From surfboards to cemeteries, via a nibble on a pintxos or three, we select the best activities to sample in San Sebastin, the European Capital of Culture 2016. With its fier

  • [Travel] The secret lives of sex tourists

    Can you pay to have a broken heart mended? Paula Bronstein / Thinkstock Not everyone on holiday is looking for a tan. Marius Stankiewicz heads to Thailands most notorious red-light districts to speak with tourists who are seeking sex. More

  • [Travel] Palma: Dancing with the devil

    You wont want to mess with these fire-wielding men XaviReina / Thinkstock Fire-wielding men dressed as the devil chase Gavin Haines through the streets of Palma de Mallorca. The festive season is upon us. They chase you with fireworks. Its

  • [Travel] The best travel photos of 2015

    As ever we were inundated with entries From moody landscapes to brooding city scenes, we were inundated with entries for our annual travel photography competition. But unfortunately there could only be three winners and here they are. First

  • [Travel] Strange skiing: Off-piste in… Afghanistan

    Bamiyan in Afghanistan is a paradisiacal Shangri-la Ian J Lynch In the third of our strange skiing series, Ian J Lynch goes in search of the perfect slope in Bamiyan province, Afghanistan. Afghanistan is in the newspapers, but never the tra

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